Професионална гимназия "Проф.д-р Асен Златаров" - град Видин
23 Май, 2012
  На проведеното в Брюксел (21-23 май 2012 г.) европейско състезание "Иновационен лагер" отбора на Андреа Петрова се класирана на първо място!!

Students trying to enter today’s highly competitive labour market need to improve their talent for innovation and improve their entrepreneurial skills if they are not going to join the swelling ranks of unemployed youth.

This week’s Innovation Camp 2012, which took place in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd May, organised by Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Europe (JA-YE Europe), put vocational students’ entrepreneurial acumen to the test.

The camp pushes students to come up with realistic product and service concepts against a tight deadline of 24 hours. They must work in an international team, communicate in different languages with other young people they have never met. The process promotes innovative thinking and the improvement of collaboration skills; students work closely with a wide range of business people as mentors to help shape their ideas. 10000 students participated in 78 camps across Europe under the European Creativity and Innovation Challenge Network funded by Leonardo da Vinci Networks Programme over the last 3 years. Every camp focused on a different challenge and this time students were asked to improve Europe’s competitiveness. This year’s final had 78 students from 14 European countries supported by 27 mentors from INTEL, GE and EUROCHAMBRES.

The winning team, called the “Gloring”, developed the concept of a ring with a chip that will contain all the necessary information and data substituting an identity card and a wallet hence facilitating everyday life.

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